The Challenge

Japanese people practice the tradition of lighting straight incense sticks to pay respects to the deceased. However, the design of incense has not changed for over 400 years. How can we update the traditional practice of honoring the deceased so that those left behind can embrace the memories of their loved ones who continue to shine brightly in their hearts?

The Inspiration

The product was originally inspired by the idea to change the shape of incense, which had not changed its straight shape for 400 years, into a new form that enables us to remember our loved ones. We then proposed the idea to jointly develop this new product with Kameyama, the leading incense brand in Japan.

The Idea

Whether it was hiking, reading, golfing, or surfing, by giving form to a loved one’s hobbies, this new product allows people to feel the vivid presence of those they love in a positive light as they pay their respects from their own home or at the grave.

This is the essence of “Incense of Memories”.


As soon as the prototype was unveiled in 2020, “Incense of Memories” became a big topic of conversation in the news and on social media as a new approach of paying respects to the deceased.

The product was pre-launched in September with limited quantities and received a great wave of positive responses with ten times more orders than the production volume.

In August of 2022, the product will officially be available to all, in-store and online, nationwide.

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2022 The One Show

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