Finnair needed a global marketing communication concept where emotions and human experiences are linked to traveling. The concept needed to be built for all global marketing communications levels from tactical and large-scale brand campaigns, to activations, to all touchpoints. ​ This is crucial in today’s climate-cautious context where people need to be motivated and inspired by the positive sides of travel.


We wanted to create an umbrella concept for all forthcoming brand actions and result in powerful brand consistency and improved recognition.​


The new “Infinite Reasons to Fly” global marcom concept is based on Finnair’s purpose statement. We created an emotionally driven campaign that is versatile, has longevity, is adaptable in relevant way into all markets and applicable to all marketing communications. ​It can tell the brand's story but also serve in highly targeted sales driven localised campaigns.


After the campaign launch in January 2019 the first outstanding results were seen in March 2019 via the global tactical spring campaign.

  • In Record high in direct sales​
  • Best sales day within 2 years​
  • Elevated brand metrics throughout the brand funnel with highest scores on all KPIs. ​
  • Best image value compared to competitors > respondents are also willing to pay a little extra for travel with Finnair​
1920x1080 Finnair Show Of Support 45s UK en no super
1920x1080 Finnair Surf Dog 30s UK en
1920x1080 Finnair The Proposal 45s ASIA en

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