KitKat was taking its first step towards sustainability, and we wanted to show the brand’s commitment and journey by keeping the actions and conversations around sustainability.


The campaign was built on the brand belief that breaks are good for you and good for the environment too.


Taking inspiration from KK Australia, KitKat India has launch their First ever recyclable packs where the recycle sign replaced the KitKat logo to bring maximum attention to the new packaging. KitKat India has set 2025 as the date that they will change all their packaging into recyclable. KitKat has installed benches made from recycled plastic packaging across popular youth hangouts and colleges in various cities pan-India. These ‘Break Zone’ benches have been created in collaboration with Ricron Panels, the plastic waste recycling company and one of the winners of the Global Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize.


The campaign went live digitally and gathered a lot of engagement and buzz across socials with garnered media mileage.

30 secs
Bench forward opt 2 with accross option 2

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