During COVID, government policies forbade Indonesians from going out and food stalls weren’t allowed to open. Suddenly a very important and integral routine of Ramadan was snatched away from the people. They could no longer partake in the prominent ritualistic routine of hunting traditional TAKJIL snacks down from the local street vendors and roadside stores. Leaving people yearning for their favourite snacks. How could KitKat help Indonesians enjoy ”The Break” associated with KitKat, during fasting time in the midst of a national lockdown?


KitKat is not a brand synonymous with Indonesian customs or culture. KitKat is however a brand/ product synonymous with giving people a break from the stress and strain of everyday life. The Pandemic saw the birth of quick easy to execute recipes being filmed and posted on social media. People were cooking at home. We saw this as an opportunity for KitKat to actually create recipes for fast breaking rituals for Indonesians to partake in during an unusual Ramadan at home.


Develop easy to execute local recipes with KitKat as the main ingredient of fast breaking recipes called Takjil, leveraging the unique product format of 4 fingers. By adding:

4 steps

4 ingredients

The recipes were communicated by a reknowned Indonesia comedian in line with KitKat’s brand imagery of lighthearted break moments. #bukananakdapur


Brand interest increase: 302.3 %

Increase in sales vs previous year Ramadhan: 41%

Organic engagement on Instagram: 20X Benchmark

Uplift in ad recall Google BLS: 22%

Kit Kat Study Case Kit Kat4 Ramadan Effectiveness FMCG Category 200921

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