Every September, a dedicated team of volunteers knocks on doors across the Netherlands to help raise money for KWF and its amazing work in preventing cancer, curing cancer, and helping people with cancer live a better quality of life.

With tens of thousands of volunteers helping out in KWF’s annual fundraising event, KWF wants to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved. So, after developing a concept with Salesforce, it decided to partner with Wunderman Thompson to replace its traditional cash-based collections with a digital solution.


“Thanks to the variety of modern digital payment options available to people, cash is being used less and less frequently. Imagine then standing there with your old-fashioned collection box...,” says Johan van de Gronden, Director of KWF. “That's why KWF has completely revolutionised its annual collection initiative. With an innovative new app, KWF collectors are now able, in real-time, to select the street they want to collect in and get straight to work using a collector-board with QR-code. You can even see how much you have raised directly in the app. This is how our collection initiative is keeping up with the times!”

Equipped with an intuitive app, volunteers now have more control and flexibility around fundraising. “With our new digital approach, it’s much easier for volunteers to sign up to collect funds either online or door-to-door,” comments Mara Zirschky, Product Manager at KWF.

By future-proofing the process with intuitive digital capabilities, we’re also hoping to encourage a new generation of volunteers to help raising funds for ground-breaking cancer research

Mara Zirschky

Product Manager at KWF


After working with Salesforce to develop a concept, KWF partnered with Wunderman Thompson to create a seamless volunteer journey and complete the app to digitalise collections. “With Wunderman Thompson, we found a partner with the right expertise to help finish the concept that was created with Salesforce. They understood the problem we wanted to solve and the impact we want to create with this new innovative app,” says Marloes Klaasen, ICT Architect at KWF. “The company had the right expertise on every role we needed, from senior consultancy and development to project management – which was key with really tight implementation programmes like this one. Our partnership with the company was open, fair, and realistic.”

The end-to-end digital solution not only had to be completed within tight timelines, but also had to provide good performance at scale. “By taking an agile approach, we were able to launch the pilot version on the Apple App Store and Google Play on schedule in just four months,” comments Gregor Aaij, Senior Business Consultant at Wunderman Thompson.

Offering volunteers more control, flexibility, and fun
Volunteers are directed to a landing page to download the app. They then download the app from their chosen app store, create their profile, and select how they want to collect – street-by-street, a specific venue such as a football club, or online. “Volunteers can see what streets are available and choose where they want to collect in real time, so they can be spontaneous if they find themselves with an extra hour spare for collections,” explains Zirschky. “Each volunteer has a personalised QR code so donations are associated with them. This QR code will be sent to them and can be put on their clipboard to raise money door to door. They can also share a donation link via LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and other social media channels to raise funds online.”

A central dashboard displays the amount of money collected across the country by geography, and volunteers can see how much they’ve raised personally. “Before, volunteers would only know how much they’d raised after scheduled counting sessions – now they can check their success on day-to-day basis, which is very motivating,” adds Zirschky. “The new approach also means volunteers no longer have to carry cash and can be more flexible as they can still register even during the collection week.”

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