Jotun experienced a decline in paint sales as many people in the region only view home revamps as a necessity during key hosting occasions (i.e. Ramadan).


In a region where social norms led to homes being crafted to perfection for the sake of guests, creating a restricted living for families, Jotun wanted to encourage Arab home owners to live freely in their own homes without fear and embrace the messy side of life.


Jotun and Wunderman Thompson Dubai focused on one of the region's untapped human truths; for mothers in the region, their homes are a tangible representation of how good of a mother, housewife and host they are, resulting in the 'untouchable living room’. We wanted to show that they can have it all, without having to sacrifice one for the other.

The 'Life is a Beautiful Mess' campaign encouraged families to live unrestricted in their homes without fear of ruining beautiful spaces, thanks to Jotun’s new and innovative product line that tackles washability and no odour.


The campaign resulted in 20% increase of revamps in non-hosting occasions, 6K brochure downloads, and 400 consultations booked.

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