The Youth Card is a free card that provides access to over a thousand sporting, cultural and transport benefits. And you can only enjoy them if you are under the age of 30. However, the majority of young Madrilenians were unaware of these advantages, meaning that they did not view the card as a door-opener.

To change this, we decided to modify the card’s role compared to previous campaigns. Moving away from a more educational and informative tone towards one that would connect emotionally with young people. Positioning ourselves as a tool to inspire youngsters in a bid to increase registrations, forge a stronger bond with our target and raise awareness of the imagin brand.


Generation Z is a generation of doers. They are highly qualified, with leadership and attitude, but following the pandemic, we noticed that they were living in a difficult social context. They were being unjustly tagged as irresponsible and immature.

So, we decided to empower them, giving them a sounding board to advocate for themselves, giving visibility to the talent and ideas of a generation that was now moving Madrid. Because we decided it would be them, and not the brand, who would take center stage in a campaign built from the foundation of their own words.


To claim the impact of Generation Z, we started from a universal Madrilenian truth: in the capital, Madrid is pronounced with a “z” at the end: “Madriz”. This is where the #MadridEsConZ (Madrid is with a Z)” concept arose from – a play on words that allowed us to tell people that Gen Z are changing the city, and one that also brings with it the informal and friendly tone needed by a campaign made by Madrid’s young people for Madrid’s young people.

We selected relevant influencers to talk about their lives through a positive and assertive message. To show, and not just say, that Madrid is – and will always be – with Z.


Thanks to the campaign, registrations for the Youth Card increased by 41%.

The 11 micro and midi Gen Z influencers who took part in the campaign by generating content on social media managed to amplify the message to 692,000 people with 761,000 impressions, over 10,000 interactions, and 3,000 website visits.

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