In late 2021, Mazda launched the MX-30, their first-ever EV. Being able to see a vehicle is critical for any new vehicle launch, but particularly true for the EV category as many Canadians are not as familiar with the technology. Covid-19 restrictions saw dealership traffic at an all-time low, making a close-up experience of the MX-30 a critical challenge.


Brand tracking data had shown that Mazda’s unfair advantage is the physical experience of the vehicles. Compared with other brands, people are much more likely to buy a Mazda once they’ve driven one. They need to see how the vehicle meets their needs. So we created a solution that would allow as many Canadians as possible to experience the MX-30 without leaving their home.


We created the Mazda Live Experience – a first-of-its-kind garage equipped with lifestyle and activity items that would showcase the benefits and capabilities of the MX-30 to visitors joining live online tours. Users could schedule one-on-one tours with a Mazda ambassador, or join a group tour. Questions weren’t only answered, but demonstrated using items that engaged utility, adventure and family-focused drivers.


With an average of 10,000 visitors during each live experience, visitors spent up to 19 minutes getting a more intimate look at the MX-30. The success inspired us to create a second garage that featured other Mazda models, and helped launch the first-ever 2023 CX-50. The second garage also doubled as a space for press to cover new vehicle models, updates and Mazda driving technologies.

Mazda MLE Case Study

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