Chinese New Year (CNY) is a highly popular cultural and commercial occasion, where brands work hard to capture attention. The #1 challenge for Microsoft was how the Surface could break through the highly competitive promotional clutter that surrounds CNY. As a productivity laptop relevant to work, how could Microsoft Surface make itself relevant during the holiday season when almost everyone is away from work?


Mobile professionals are full of aspiration and never stop exploring a better way of life, seeking more creative ways than traditional customs to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Our concept was a Surface Pro 6 crossover with WuHuangWanShui. Based on its core product benefit, we invited top China Ink-Wash Cartoon IP, WuHuangWanShui, to release nine CNY paintings, drawn in Ink-Wash Painting style and enabled by the Surface Pro 6 to inspire target audiences to have a creative CNY celebration. After the CNY paintings were posted on social media, we released a video disclosing how WuHuangBaiCha drew the paintings, via Surface Pro 6, which drew massive public attention and social buzz.


103 million total social reads (exceeds KPI by 432%)

+ 400,000 total engagement (exceeds KPI by 361%)

6.5 million total video views (exceeds KPI by 1331%)

China Office WORK Microsofy CNY Campaign Case Video CHIN

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2019 China ROI Award

2019 China ROI Award

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