Introduce Opel’s range of Online Editions – their models featuring onboard Wi-Fi and advanced connectivity – to the Dutch public by creating awareness in a market saturated with new model introductions.


In order to reach digitally savvy Dutch drivers, we focused on influencers and YouTube views to gain a big audience. Everybody knows that when it comes to the web, it’s all about views – which are quite literally worth money.


We came up with a new digital currency for Opel. We asked the Dutch public to film their Opel Online Edition test drive, upload it to YouTube and promote it to get as many views as possible. Since YouTube views represent real marketing value, they could be used toward buying any of the Opel Online Editions. The Opel Karl Online Edition – costing just 589,900 views!

The ‘Pay With Views’ campaign introduced the world to something new: the first ever car bought with views.


The campaign earned €841.884,32 worth of media and attracted 34.4 million impressions. More than 97,000 people visited the campaign website, with a 72% increase in Opel’s general website visits compared to the previous year. In the wake of the campaign, orders of the Opel Online Edition increased by 29%.

Yuri Schuurkes’ test drive earned him 21 million organic (unpromoted) views – more than enough to buy him a brand new Opel Astra Online Edition!

Opel Pay With Views

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