Every year grown adults (who should know better) forget about Father's Day. In fact, 40 million fewer cards are sold on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. So Pepperjack decided this year they needed a reminder to pick up a bottle of Pepperjack for their old man - one they definitely couldn't forget.


Pepperjack joined forces with an army of everyday fathers, and turned ‘dads’ into ‘ads’ to deliver an important public service announcement to the nation: “Don’t forget Father’s Day”.


The campaign used Dads as the very medium to spread their reminder message via some of their favourite pastimes. One Dad kicked off the grassroots movement, by mowing a paddock-sized reminder into his lawn. Perth Dads out for their morning swim showed off cheeky, unforgettable reminders on their budgie smugglers. A cheersquad inspired ‘Dadsquad’ proudly paraded reminder banners in front of 40,000 fans. They even sent in song requests to radio stations for the Simple Minds’ classic “Don’t you forget about me”. And on the morning of the big day, a peloton of middle-aged Dads in lycra wore last-minute reminders on their weekly Sunday cycle like a fleet of roaming billboards.


Our Father’s Day reminders were seen on streets and heard on radios around the country. Dads also took to social media to share their own reminders. But best of all, our army of unforgettable dads meant that fathers all across the country were remembered.

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