The comma, the em dash, the ellipsis – often overlooked, at times misused, and almost always underappreciated, yet without these breaks in our words and sentences, we would struggle to understand the things said and written to us.

KK Punctuation Ellipsis Hi Res
We felt the team came up with an unusual take on a long running brand promise, showing us a fresh perspective on classic KitKat breaks.

Joe Dy

Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson Philippines

KitKat has long been about breaks. But we always communicate breaks as the same and this has been taken for granted.

We found another break that's been hiding in plain sight all these years but is taken for granted – as a society, we're texting and typing today more than we ever have, so now more than ever, breaks are important in our communication. A break between thoughts, phrases, words and the like.

KitKat celebrates Punctuation Breaks – a series of "odes" to the often overlooked and underappreciated breaks that give us and readers of our messages opportunities to rest in between thoughts when reading and writing – breaks that make comprehension necessary.

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