Showcase how Tata Steel is truly progressive, not only because it has accepted LGBTQIA+ employees but also for the way such employees have been embraced by the rest and made to feel part of a team.


It is not enough for a company to open doors to LGBTQIA+ employees. Other employees need to create an environment that makes everyone feel accepted, recognised, celebrated and very much at home.


In keeping with the humility of Tata Steel, instead of showing how progressive Tata Steel is as a company, the film - Raahi - takes place in a neutral corporate setting. It tells the story of an LGBTQIA+ individual who is shunned by society but accepted by colleagues.


In 2021, Tata Steel became the first Indian company to open its doors to trans people, seeking applications exclusively from them. The film should, hopefully, encourage other Indian companies to open the doors of opportunity to LGBTQIA+ employees and urge other employees to accept them with open arms.

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