Banco Sabadell was founded 130 years ago by a group of businessmen to help textile companies in their area to expand internationally. In 2001 it debuted on the stock market and in 2009, at the time when the reputation of the banking sector was plummeting as a result of the economic crisis that led to the bailout of some banks, Sabadell decided to expand its business to individuals. The main goal was ambitious: in the worst moment for banking, to create an attractive positioning for a public for whom Sabadell was a great unknown: individual customers. To go from being a regional bank to a national bank with the perception of a leader.


The best campaigns are always a matter of two. In this case, it was the former CEO of Banco Sabadell, Jaume Puig, who put us on the trail of Pep Guardiola. After a lunch with his agent, he called us and asked how we would evaluate Pep's participation in the campaign. Our response was immediate: we stopped the production of what was going to be the launching piece, to build a new proposal based on Pep's presence. At that time, Guardiola perfectly incarnated the Bank's main values: professionalism, rigor, competitiveness... and success. We could not miss the opportunity.


We made a clear bet on the creation of interesting and relevant content for our new target: individuals. This is how conversations were born. Conversations in black and white. Conversations of celebrities and relevant personalities about the future, about change, about relationships. Conversations taking the shape of interviews, debates, Whatsapp chats, to build the perception of a bank worthy of trust, expert and professional, but also human, that fosters long-term relationships. The setting, its extreme care, and, above all, the use of black and white, differentiated us, generating the desired perception of a different, serious, rigorous, premium bank.


Ten years later, Banco Sabadell is a consolidated brand, with its own identity and personality clearly differentiated from the competitors. An entity that managed to lead in advertising notoriety without being in the top 5 in media investment. Without scripted stories, without aggressive profitability offers, without going into detail about financial products, Banco Sabadell has consolidated a unique tone and a specific audiovisual aesthetic that achieves that every communication it launches is immediately attributed to its brand. Between 2010 and 2020, it recorded a 200% growth in individual customers and an increase in brand value of €160M.

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