‘Shut up Sexism’ is the latest campaign from Lux as part of its mission to help 50 million women rise above everyday sexist judgments and express their beauty and femininity unapologetically by 2025.

Most major virtual home assistants have female names and voices by default. These female-gendered bots are programmed to respond submissively even when faced with users’ sexist and abusive insults.

A recent UNESCO study found that the gendered approach to virtual home assistants not only demonstrates 'gender biases coded into technology products’ but also perpetuates the larger issue of women stereotyped as ‘servile, existing only to do someone else’s bidding’.


Most virtual home assistants have female names and voices by default. They’re programmed to have submissive personalities and give docile responses even when facing abusive sexist insults.

As the UNESCO study revealed, this leads to larger issues like reinforcing gender stereotypes of women as submissive and expecting them to ignore or be indifferent to sexism and abuse.

Casual sexism like giving abuse to a virtual assistant may seem like a joke, but it has serious consequences. According to the Human Rights Channel, "individual acts of sexism may seem benign, but they create a climate of intimidation, fear and insecurity. This leads to the acceptance of violence, mostly against women and girls.


‘Shut Up Sexism’ changes the way virtual assistants respond to sexist abuse – instead of polite replies, we enabled them to give bold and sassy come backs to abusive language. So instead of "Thanks for your feedback", she would say "I could call you many things too, but gentleman would not be one of them."

We crowdsourced hundreds of responses from women to sexist abuse faced by virtual assistants, which were then curated and uploaded to a website, allowing them to be easily installed in the virtual assistant. Now anyone can stop casual sexism at home by giving their virtual assistants a voice to speak up and trigger important conversations about stopping casual sexist behavior.


Leveraging popular celebrity Yasmine Sabri, with a social media reach of 18.6 million followers, influencer partnerships and Lux’s owned social channels, 'Shut Up Sexism’ caught the attention of global media.

The campaign achieved more than 150 news postings in its first week, with a PR value of US $145K, media reach coverage of 5807M monthly, and website clicks increasing by 275%.

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