In 2021 a hot topic was the increase of domestic violence due to the Pandemic. In fact, according to the Annual Report of Domestic Security of the previous year, more than 27K reports of domestic violence occurred in Portugal and the officials’ numbers indicated that 32 people were killed in our country in that context.

Fighting domestic violence has been within the Vodafone's scope of action during the Pandemic. Vodafone Foundation, in partnership with the Association for Family Planning (APF) and with the support of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG), launched Bright Sky Portugal, a mobile application that provides useful information for victims of domestic violence and, in partnership with CIG launched the free SMS 3060 helpline, so that victims can send requests for help through writing, in a private and secure way. Additionally, from December 2021 Vodafone, would start offering the Telco services to the shelters for victims of domestic violence in the whole country.

Choosing Domestic Violence as the central theme of the Christmas campaign is perhaps not the obvious decision but was certainly the one that made sense this year, mobilising society around this cause and using technology to provide solutions for the victims.


The ad tells the story of a woman, Cristina, who decides at this Christmas season and at the advent of a new year, to break the cycle of violence to which she is subjected and to seek help. Trough Cristina´s testimony, we see her taking one of the most difficult decisions in her life – leave her abusive marriage behind to start a new life with her daughter. A story that represents all those who live in an endless cycle of pain, anguish, and lack of solutions, often lacking support from society. A key message alerted to everyone´s duty in getting involved and support those that need help: “While this is the reality of some, it´s everyone problem”.

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