We needed the nation to feel the relentlessness of cancer in a new and compelling way. But we couldn’t just leave it at that, we also needed everyone to feel part of the solution by participating in Daffodil Day 2022.


Cancer takes from us every day. It replaces our precious time with chemo, surgery, recovery, hospital visits and time worrying and wondering what’s next. But Daffodil Day is a unifying moment of hope where the whole nation has the power to take from cancer.


The day we take back from cancer’ is an emotive look at all the days and precious moments cancer takes from us. It shows the nation that we are not powerless. Because every donation made during Daffodil Day can take something from cancer.

The campaign features the emotive real-life story of Rachel, and her son Ziya. It’s a gut wrenching snapshot of their journey through cancer and all the days it took from them.

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