The detergent arena is one of the most competitive FMCG segments and is dominated by global and well-established brands making big claims. Al-Emlaq, GiG’s flagship brand, wants to introduce its product to this saturated market.


With better-known detergent brands ahead in the game and their claims of “best”, “most powerful”, “the first”, etc. already top of mind, GiG faced an uphill struggle to break into the market with a chance of getting a decent market share quickly.


The answer was right there in the brand name; Al-Emlaq, which means Giant. We decided to live up to our name and just go Gigantic! This meant we had to aim higher than the rest and challenge ourselves to clean the largest stain that ever existed; only it didn’t exist. So, we created the world’s largest T-shirt and got the Guinness world record to prove it - a 103.5m by 72.5m T-shirt - and invited kids to use it as a playground to create that epic stain we needed. The event, just like a giant parading the streets, was unmissable. We then proceeded to cut the T-shirt into smaller pieces, wash and upcycle it to create 8000+ regular size T-shirts, and donate them to charity.


It all happened under the watchful eyes of local, regional, and global media, not to mention curious content creators, the minister of trade, and probably our competition.

12,000,000 organic impressions.

$1,140,000 earned media.

11% increase in market share.

That was clearly one for the books.

Emlaq Case film

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