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In 2020, HSBC restructured their business and sold off many of their branches. Consumers started to question the relevance of the bank in our brand tracking. Meaningfulness reached an all-time low in the middle of 2021. This decline was particularly worrying amongst our priority growth market – Chinese internationals.

During the Lunar New Year, we set out to re-establish a meaningful relationship with Chinese internationals to ensure that when it came to their banking needs, HSBC easily came to mind. Lunar New Year is filled with cliched brand ads and superficial messaging. We wanted to break through by finding a deeper insight behind the holiday. We found our opportunity in the colour red. Red is considered the luckiest colour of the Lunar New Year but there are thousands of shades of red, so no one really knows which shade is truly the luckiest.

Phase 1:

We partnered with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco to evaluate their 18,000-piece collection to determine the most prevalent shade of red across countless paintings, sculptures, tapestries and artifacts dating back thousands of years. “The Luckiest Red” was determined by using artificial intelligence to synthesize each piece and extract the color values contained within. We then used a targeted paid social media plan to build an audience of internationalists. Once identified, they were served teaser messaging about our quest to find the luckiest red.

Phase 2:

Once we had identified “The Luckiest Red”, we bottled it and sent it to three emerging Asian and Pacific Islander artists to create original works. All three pieces were created and promoted as part of Asian Heritage Month, creating a cyclical loop of prosperity. We then retargeted our internationalists with various works of art we were evaluating and ultimately the luckiest shade of red once we arrived at it.

All the media drove to a dedicated landing page where users could learn more about the partnership between HSBC and the museum, meet the artists and bid on their work.

We received overwhelming, positive feedback from the Chinese community, with the campaign picked up by industry publications such as AdWeek, AdForum, Ads of the World, Little Black Book and Strategy Magazine. Brand tracking showed that we were able to increase awareness for the bank amongst our target audience by 5.1pts. The campaign resonated within HSBC, so much so that “The Luckiest Red” has been officially added to the brand’s colour palette as a secondary colour. The only brand colour to our knowledge that has ever been created using data by way of a marketing campaign.

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