Restaurant robberies are the second most committed crime in Mexico City. More than 17,000 violent robberies were registered during 2018. As a result, restaurant clients are stopping dinning out and prefer to stay home.

Our challenge was to create a campaign to make people return to El Fogoncito, a taco restaurant, during dinning hours (6pm to 9pm, the favorite time for diners, but almost the most dangerous).


A big communication campaign wasn't going to be very effective to take fear away from customers. The only ones that could make people feel safe again were the police. So, the real challenge was to be have policemen at the restaurant in the most dangerous hours.


The solution was simple: El Fogoncito offered free tacos to the police during dinner time.

With a low investment we transformed the restaurant into the safest place to eat, and everyone were able to enjoy their beloved tacos.

Well… Almost everyone. Robbers preferred to stay far, far away.


As clients returned and new clients arrived, plus the savings in private security, sales increased 30%, social media buzz was very positive, and it became national news. This helped improving the restaurant’s reputation, always known as the best taco restaurant in town but now the most secure too.

Fogoncito The Security Taco

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