An Post is the national postal service in Ireland, and after their rebrand they needed to re-evaluate their purpose and positioning. With restrictive budgets and uncertainty over its future, An Post Mobile wanted to create something that would live up to the brand purpose of “improving the lives of people, now and for generations to come” that was relevant to its target audience.


In 2019, homelessness became an epidemic in Ireland when those seeking temporary accommodation or living on the streets topped 10,000 for the first time in the country’s history. And although many of those people have smartphones, few can afford data – which means they often don’t have access to reliable online communications, leaving them disconnected from information and isolated from family and friends. In an age where information is power and connectivity is key to everyday life, those who can't access this privilege are left behind.


Many mobile users have more data than they can use each month and take for granted just how valuable unused data can be. With our partners at An Post, we developed The Shared Network – the first mobile initiative created specifically to connect Ireland’s homeless community with unused data. The service empowers the people of Ireland to donate data they don’t use to those who need it most and help Ireland’s homeless community get back on their feet.


Within two months from launch, 30% of Ireland's homeless population had access to The Shared Network. Users of The Shared Network spoke about how access to data gave them greater confidence by having online access, as well as how vital it was for them to be able to stay in contact with family and friends. Access to online data allowed users to apply for online courses and helped people find a home of their own.

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