Traveloka, one of Indonesia's biggest start up unicorns is known predominantly as a platform for booking flights. However the platform offers so much more. How could we disrupt the image of the company known only for ticketing by launching Traveloka Experiences platform?


The modern generation aspires to fill their lives with experiences, but in reality, they spend much of their lives on social media. Indonesia ranks 4th on the list of countries with the highest Instagram usage (Averaging 3 hours 36 min per user per day). Could Traveloka take people beyond their screens and into real experiences?


By utilising Instagram's newly launched Daily average time spent feature, Traveloka allowed people to trade in their hours spent on Instagram for actual experiences provided on the app by simply screenshotting their Daily average time spent and posting it on Instagram with the hashtag: #Instarehat


Over 77700 Instagram minutes turned into unforgettable experiences

Over 850 new organic experience bookings through the app

Traveloka instarehat case study

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