Kuwait, unfortunately, has one of the highest air pollution indexes in the world making the atmosphere highly toxic according to reports published by the World Health Organization in 2020. This is mostly due to industrial emissions, coupled with chemical waste dumping, the results could be catastrophic.


At Zain we are also responsible for a massive amount of waste in form of plastic bags and three times as much in printed promotional materials. But with determination and ingenuity, we’ve devised a way in which we can vastly improve waste management and reduce our carbon footprint by combining our problems to create a solution.


In 2021 we disposed of none of our promotional waste, instead we started a “Let’s Make Kuwait Wonderful Again’’ upcycling initiative. This is where we repurpose all our billboards waste and turned them into stylish, reusable plastic bags. The next phase of upcycling will include all sorts of fashion and tech accessories.


We greatly reduced our chemical waste from being poured into the environment and We reduced our own carbon footprint drastically.

We set an example for other forward-thinking brands to follow and start reducing their carbon emission.

Twice Recycled Case Study Creative Reel

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