Victoria is a traditional Mexican beer since 1865 and in 2018 was the #1 preferred brand among millennials, even though it is not the most sold due to competitors exclusivity contracts. The battle for points of sale and consumption in Mexico is not fair. It allows to pay for exclusive spaces where people could only find specific beer brands. It doesn't matter how much you love/wants a beer brand, 50% (aprox.) of the points of sale, will not have it. The product distribution is locked by exclusivity contracts.


Besides beer Mexicans also love Spicy Sauce, and as turned into another product Victoria can get into competitors POC´s.


We created Victoria Spicy Sauce. A super spicy sauce with a touch of Victoria flavor and put it inside the same Victoria beer bottles.
Now all consumers could taste it anywhere - even where it is prohibited.


  • 5.1 million dollars earned media.
  • National Press talks about the way Victoria "cracked" the competitors exclusivity contracts.
  • 81,556 Social Media free impressions.
  • More than 25 million LDA´s (Victoria most important target) were impacted in POP´s and POC´s.
Victoria Spicy Sauce

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