Only 28% of women turn on their microphone while playing video games – this means that many choose not to make their voice heard, thus hiding their gender because they don't feel free to express their identity. Why? Probably because sometimes when women speak during the game, they're insulted, mocked with sexist jokes and asked to leave.


The team was inspired by the statistic that 72% of female gamers mute their microphones while playing online to avoid offensive and discriminatory comments that hinder their ability to enjoy the gaming experience.


WINDTRE gave a voice to girl gamers. For International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we had a famous gamer play as a girl and help raise awareness of this issue in Italy.


The results were excellent.

2 million views on Twitch and YouTube.

The experiment has become a case study in schools and universities.

After watching it, 90% of students recognized gender discrimination online within the gaming context.

78% said they would defend a woman who is a victim of gender discrimination online.

The highest annual increase in WindTre's reputation score.


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