CU Liquid is all about real-time flexibility and adaptability. The challenge was clear: Communicate the product flexibility and adaptability in accordance with the flexibility of our youth audience. Make clear and concise the fact that CU Liquid accompanies our audience in their moments which are constantly changing.


Life goes on and on. Our youth audience never stops exploring, experiencing, evolving and adapting. They go with the flow, looking for freedom and flexibility. This youth flexibility is what inspired us to create a campaign filled with “LIQUID” moments!


Since flexibility & adaptability are strategic USPs of CU Liquid, we came up with the integration of the swipe gesture to make them stand out. The swipe gesture is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life. This is especially true for our youth audience. It’s organic, something that comes naturally. That is why we decided to go through our liquid instances by swiping from one moment to the next, one choice to the next, one person to the next, one place to the next.


This campaign allows CU to reach our youth audience through every medium. The love for the music of our TVC created the demand for the release of an actual soundtrack, called “Rising Up”.

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