Building a Powerful Call Centre Application

When customers across India call for pizza, we help Domino’s deliver!
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Tata Gluco+

Energy On Game On

Tata Gluco+, a glucose-based energy drink by Tata Consumer Products Ltd., showcases how instant energy can help one achieve solutions to a problem of any kind
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Exide Industries Ltd.

India Moves On Exide: The Moving Canvas

The ‘Moving Canvas’ is an epic journey celebrating how a nation moves on Exide
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Exide India

Milkybar - Thematic

Imagine karo kuch naya seekho
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Nestle Milkybar
The Idea of India TOI
The Times of India

The Idea of India

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Kit Kat

Breaks For Good

KitKat breaks are good for you – and now for the environment too
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India Tata Pravesh leadimage
Tata Steel Ltd.

Raahi - shaping workspaces of tomorrow

How Tata Steel is curating an inclusive workplace, embracing LGBTQIA+ employees
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Sanlaap snap the chain supporting 2
Sanlaap India

Snap the Chain

An interactive campaign to show how human intervention can snap the human trafficking supply chain
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Hero image Nameless Women

The Nameless Women

Empowering the women of Bangladesh, one name at a time
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Lost Daughters Hero
Sanlaap India
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The Lost Daughters

Reuniting ‘The Lost Daughters’ of India with their families
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Hidden Truth WT com HERO new
VIDYA - Integrated development for youth and adults
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Hidden Truth

A lockdown truth that remained in the shadows until we threw light on it to bring out the Hidden Truth
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Kit Kat Valentine hero for WT com

Love Break

Share a special break with millions of unique KitKat love breaks packs.
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Shell India

Great Things Happen When We Move

Shell India celebrates and inspires India’s dreamers
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Final Salaam Namaste

#Salaam Namaste

Pepsi's social and cultural solution in the age of contactless greetings
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