A box of cookies that helps identify melanoma and save millions of lives
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WT com HERO Diagnosti Cookies
Meridian Medical Technologies

Smallpox Simulator

The tool, created for Meridian, maps how potential outbreaks might occur throughout the world.
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Smallpox Simulator hero
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Violet Month

Raising visibility and awareness of transgender health care
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Bielo 4
Johnson & Johnson
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Dignity to Flow

Johnson & Johnson addresses menstrual poverty in Brazil
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Medidata Case Hero Image

Solve the Impossible

Showing customers how Medidata helps to make the impossible, possible
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The Right to Rest

More than a 3rd of Black and Latina women in the USA lack the right to rest.
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Mouth Pad p2


The world at the tip of your tongue
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Welcome New Vaginas

Introducing the first intimate wash for trans women
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Student Holding Pollution Capture Pencil Smiling
Haleon Global

Pollution Capture Pencils

Turning air pollution into an instrument of change for India’s school children
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Zain Telecom

Twice recycled campaign

I'm upcycled
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Palate care
Operation Smile Colombia

The Palate Care Dispenser

The first food and medicine dispenser for children with a cleft palate
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Shot of Lifetime Hero
The Washington Lottery

Shot of a Lifetime

Some people hate the shot. A shot at a million dollars though? Not so much.
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Viral Against Viral You Tube

Viral Against Viral

Fake news about Vaccinations were taking over and YouTube had to fight this
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4 Sweetheart
Newell Brands

La Safety Squad

Protéger les bébés en transformant une innovation produit en innovation publicitaire
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Hospital Clínic

A thousand transplants, a thousand stories

The place where love cures fear
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