Solve the Impossible

Showing customers how Medidata helps to make the impossible, possible
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The Right to Rest

How we took a purpose driven approach to making sick days a right, not a privilege.
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Theraflu 2

Viral Against Viral

Fake news about Vaccinations were taking over and YouTube had to fight this
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Viral Against Viral You Tube

Violet Month

Campaign for prevention and awareness about transgender heath care
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Violet Month
4 Sweetheart
Newell Brands

La Safety Squad

Protéger les bébés en transformant une innovation produit en innovation publicitaire
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Johnson & Johnson

Dignity to Flow

To bring awareness to menstrual poverty in Brazil and the research done by J&J
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Hospital Clínic

A thousand transplants, a thousand stories

The place where love cures fear
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Todo mundo tem peito 2
Avon Institute

Everyone Has Breasts. Take Care of Yours

Emphasizing the importance of early breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment
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Argentina disabilities HERO

Inclusive design is a world designed for all

Unilever wants to ensure inclusive design extends beyond the Paralympics
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White Ribbon

White Ribbon Promise

White Ribbon UK’s subverted posters share a hard-hitting message about women’s safety at festivals
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Laboratory Genera

Invisible Connections

Laboratory Genera show how much mother and adoptive child can have in common genetically
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Por tus ojos 1
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Through Your Eyes

A unique mobile experience to inspire corneal transplant donations
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Receta sin fin
Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)
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The Endless Recipe

Eliminating food waste where many meals are born
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The Leap Frame

The Leap

Bunged up? There's a remedy for that.
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Domestic abuse the hidden pandemic folkwt

The Hidden Pandemic

Vodafone Ireland Foundation & Women’s Aid raise awareness of the domestic abuse pandemic with a powerful campaign
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