Wunderman Thompson Budapest

We exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.

Our robust and award winning expertise in technology solutions and communication are rooted in the Hungarian market and branch out throughout the continent. After a meticulous integration effort, Wunderman Thompson Budapest combines the talent and capabilities of Possible and J. Walter Thompson together in a perfect blend of technological expertise and creativity.

Together we are more compelling and competitive, as we are uniquely positioned to integrate capabilities, track down synergies, rethink businesses, culture and brand experiences. This allows us to deliver ideas from their very inception to the last line of code (or billboard), making sure that bold creativity and innovation are always at the center, to ensure they inspire the growth that drives our clients’ success.

We work shoulder to shoulder with the network, always strategically focused, creatively inspired and digitally ready for any new kind of challenge.

Our Leadership