The optimistic and resilient Brazilians maintain a strong sense of openness to inspiration. It is something they actively pursue and elicits both a highly emotional and physiological response. In fact, inspiration is more “vital” to them than any other country, with around eight out of 10 saying they wish there were more things in the world that inspire them, including brands. They are inspired by their friends and family, but also by entrepreneurs and successful business leaders, with achievement and power indexing high in this market. Stories of honesty, perseverance and justice resonate, as do true stories represented in popular culture.

Overcoming Adversity

Across the board, Brazilians overindex on openness to inspiration, and actively pursue it often. This reflects the outward focus and aspirational side of a nation that has experienced rapid economic development in recent decades, albeit inconsistently. Brazilians have also witnessed firsthand some of the most extensive deforestation in the world and some consider their country ground zero for climate change. Unsurprisingly, 61% are focused on protecting the environment.

Brazilians also cite other issues that society should address, including poverty and hunger, access to education, and economic inequality, reflecting the very uneven opportunities available in their country. They are particularly triggered by stories of overcoming adversity. Social under-development in fields such as health and education mean that Brazilians do not experience a level playing field. Inspiration sources that motivate them to “persevere despite all odds” overindex in this market. As do inspiring people such as entrepreneurs and successful business leaders who are likely to channel perseverance themselves. Brazilians are also particularly open to Motivating experiences that make their goals seem more accessible and stimulate a sense of purpose, while brands that step in and “make people’s lives better” inspire Brazilians most.

At 14 my husband lost his father and had to work to help in the house where he had three little sisters. He didn't get to go to college and that inspires me a lot because today he is a manager at the bank.

Brazilian respondent, female, Boomer+, Nurturer segment

Pillars of Inspiration BR

Brazilian Vitality

Brazilians deem inspiration “vital,” and experience it more frequently than the Chinese, Americans and British. In fact, 27% of Brazilians reported an instance of inspiration the day we surveyed them. They are also particularly responsive to inspiration, reporting higher incidences of positive emotional and physiological effects than the other nations, and having a higher-than-average propensity for deriving inspiration from sensory experiences. They speak of nostalgia when stimulated by smell and touch that evoke memories of simpler times, like that of childhood or pre-COVID days when friends and family could be together and embrace each other. As one gen Z respondent told us, “Being able to hug - feel the person - is the best feeling ever.”

Indeed, family and friends are some of the most important sources of inspiration for Brazilians. The two most common personality traits Brazilians use to describe themselves are loyal and kind, and they are also the only respondents to rank the importance of benevolence (caring for others) over all other values. Other traits such as being cooperative, positive and confident also rank high. More than any other respondents, the Brazilians see themselves as extroverted. However, they do not consider themselves particularly diligent or reliable, and only 3% report that it is important to them to be in charge and lead others.

Mothers inspire me. They are warriors, fighters - they are everything.

Brazil respondent, female, Gen Z, Creative segment

Personality Traits

Leading with Truth

Brazilians look to others to lead, with stories of leadership as a source of inspiration ranking twice as high as any other market. Also overindexing are values of achievement and power, while nine out of 10 Brazilians wish world leaders were more inspiring - more than in any other country. It appears Brazilians tend to rely on others rather than themselves to lead and hold power, yet feel disappointed by the status quo. This may be the result of a controversial president who has faced international criticism for his policies, including his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Despite (or because of) this, 69% hope the COVID-19 pandemic will spark positive change in the world. They, more than anyone else, feel that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed attitudes about life - more than half the population tell us it has made them appreciate what they have.


The current administration has also been dogged by accusations of corruption. Perhaps craving change, Brazil is the nation most inspired by stories of honesty and integrity, and the least likely to be inspired by stories of trickery or deceit for one’s own gain. Justice also ranks high (third). Perhaps in response to the social injustice and mounting inequality exposed by the pandemic, this declared preference could be interpreted as a growing desire for people to be held accountable.

I am inspired by people who fight for equality and justice.

Brazil respondent, female, Gen X, Indulger segment

In Brazil, truth matters. The Brazilians are the most motivated to get to the truth about things in the world today, with only 38% feeling inspired by something regardless of whether or not it is true. This plays out in their inspiration preferences, which lean towards true stories represented in reality shows, movies, podcasts, personal stories shared on social media, or towards the creative arts experienced in real life at events such as music festivals and gallery exhibitions. This is particularly true of the younger generation, who look to celebrities and social media influencers who strive to make a difference in the world through their fame and power.

This story [about a lesbian kiss] inspired me because it happened on primetime TV and the message they wanted to convey was: live love, live the LGBT community, live the way you express yourself.

Brazilian respondent, female, Gen Z, Creator segment

Key Takeaways

  • Brazilians are inspired by sources that motivate them to “persevere despite all odds”, and are particularly triggered by stories of overcoming adversity, perhaps reflecting their rapid but inconsistent social and economic development.
  • Brazilians report higher incidences of positive emotional and physiological effects than the other nations and have a higher-than-average propensity for finding inspiration from sensory experiences.
  • Brazil is inspired by real stories—those relayed in arts and entertainment as well as instances of people who display honesty and integrity—but feel disappointed with the status quo, with nine out of 10 wishing world leaders were more inspiring.

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