Earlier this year, we tracked heightened activity around 5G technologies, including the observation that users around the world are streaming from mobile devices now more often than ever before. Since then, the metaverse has begun to emerge, bringing with it the potential for new virtualized lifestyles and brand activations. As consumers’ tech habits expand and mature, they’re looking to 5G services to improve the experience.

We’ve rounded up top user statistics from the 2021 YouGov International Telco Report: Consumer adoption of 5G that will best help brands assess their stake in the 5G global transition.

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Consumer stats

  • Indonesia: 83%
  • China: 80%
  • India: 80%
  • Germany: 46%
  • France: 40%
  • Great Britain: 39%
  • US: 37%

  • China: 55%
  • Indonesia: 33%
  • India: 32%
  • US: 26%
  • Germany: 17%
  • Great Britain: 16%
  • France: 16%

  • Indonesia: 60%
  • India: 59%
  • China: 57%
  • Germany: 19%
  • US: 18%
  • Great Britain: 14%
  • France: 9%


Consumers in Asia have the most faith in the future of 5G technology, are most willing to pay more for it, and are streaming more than ever before, leading a new wave of mobile connectivity.

  • 55% of respondents have a 5G enabled device, leading the way in 5G markets
  • 56% use MiFi or mobile wireless hotspots

  • 24% have smart watches, compared to 20% globally

  • 10% India have VR headsets, compared to 7% globally

  • As highlighted above, this emerging market have the highest percentage of respondents who believe 5G will change the way people connect with the internet.

Europe & the US

Interest is budding in Europe and the United States, where respondents show intrigue regarding benefits of 5G advancements.

Respondents believe it will improve lifestyle technologies:

  • Mobile data connection (42%)
  • Communication across devices (32%)
  • Smart homes (22%)
  • Wearables (18%)

  • 25% believe it improves their digital experience
  • 11% use it for MiFi

  • 37% of respondents expressed concerns about the environmental impacts of 5G technology
  • 9% use it for MiFi

  • 17% of respondents have a 5G enabled device, slightly ahead of its European neighbors


Globally, half of all mobile users say they’re streaming more content on their smartphones than they were before the pandemic, whether they’re on the couch or commuting to work. 74% of respondents who own VR headsets agree that 5G will change how people connect to the internet: indicating that those who engage with newer technology view 5G advancements as a benefit to virtual communication. As the metaverse comes into focus—bringing with it increasingly sophisticated tech habits—appetite for 5G is growing.

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