–NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, a VR experience that premiered at Sundance Film Festival, explores a neurocosmetology lab for women of color. Via the Verge.

–L’Oréal added five startups to its accelerator program, including the ‘Nailbot,’ a custom nail art printer. Via Beauty Packaging.

–Automation stands to be the next hot political topic. How will it reshape the fashion industry? Via the Business of Fashion.

–Does the recent US election represent a watershed moment for big data and targeted advertising? Antidote Zine investigates.

–LinkedIn’s website is “no longer terrible,” writes the Wall Street Journal, as the social network gets its first major makeover since 2003.

–How does a SuperBowl ad stand out in 2017? Snickers is planning a live-streamed ad to grab eyes. Via the Wall Street Journal.

–Sovo, a Korean shoemaker, is expanding into skincare with Nuca, a cosmetics brand with a modern take on K-beauty. Via Wallpaper.

–A new report from the Boston Consulting Group suggests that luxury brands should rethink heavy store concentrations in Asian cities.

–The Le’Jemalik Salon is hijab-friendly and open to “women of all faiths, races, and ethnicities,” says founder Huda Quhshi. Via Teen Vogue.

–”The entry point for PC internet is the search box. The entry point for mobile internet is the QR code.” The Wall Street Journal on how WeChat’s QR codes are reshaping China’s internet.

–Model Hanne Gaby Odiele has come out as intersex, saying “It is very important to me in my life right now to break the taboo.” Via Dazed.

–Amazon dives further into logistics, making an investment in ocean freight. Via WSJ.

–China now has 731 million citizens online, which is nearly the entire population of Europe, writes Mashable.

–California cosmetics brand Hourglass just launched Girl Lip Stylo, an empowerment-infused line of feminist lip shades. Via Get the Gloss.

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