Customizable AI product precision is growing in the beauty industry, building off consumers’ trust in product formulations supported by science.

Some beauty brands are turning to AI technology companies and experts to reformulate their services. In August, DTC makeup company Il Makiage acquired AI startup Voyage81, just a few years after acquiring AI data science startup NeoWise in 2019. The brand will use the technology to analyze skin and hair issues, assess aging, and suggest required treatments.

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Customizable beauty company Function of Beauty acquired personalized skincare brand Atolla in August as well, combining the Function of Beauty’s world-class stance in customizable body, hair, and skin care with Atolla’s data-driven product recommendation system. In May, L’Oréal’s ModiFace began using Google’s Vertex AI to improve its own machine-learning model. Consumers can use the technology for in-store shopping assistance, virtually.

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Other brands are taking that technology one step further, anticipating medical-grade validation for their services. Openface, a European personalized beauty brand using AI technology, raised $380K in their pre-seed round of funding in August. The brand plans to focus on multiple skin ailments in their integrated approach to skincare technology and aims to acquire a medical software license before reaching US markets.

In July, AI-based beauty care service brand Lululab announced that they plan to develop LUMINI, a customized skincare solution that will use AI technology to scan, diagnose, and recommend services. They’ll also expand their B2B offering to dermatologists, cosmetic surgery clinics, cosmetics stores and skincare salons.

Growing consumer trust in science is driving a rise in AI beauty product sales. In the future, beauty brands can continue using AI to offer expert scientific precision for consumers.

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