From beauty to hospitality, artificial intelligence (AI) is elevating the way technology benefits consumer lifestyles. Now, AI may even change the way consumers think about sleep as mattress, hospitality, and new sleep tech brands are tapping into the potential health benefits it can provide overnight.

The Park Hyatt Hotel in New York City debuted sleep suites with AI-powered beds at the end of January. Five Bryte Restorative Sleep Suites will include king-sized Restorative Beds by Bryte that use multisensory technology and a pressure release system to adjust to the body for every sleep stage, ensuring the ultimate restful night’s sleep. "We're proud to be able to provide a relaxing space that not only helps guests better their sleep but works to improve their overall health and wellbeing," Park Hyatt New York's vice president and general manager Peter Roth told Travel + Leisure.

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Sleep Number 360 i10 smart bed.

Sleep Number unveiled another upgrade to its smart beds at CES 2022 in January, calling the new-and-improved AI accessory “smart furniture.” The new 360 smart bed can monitor body temperature and tilt to aid a sleeper’s airflow and breathing while resting. The bed also includes mobility aids to help users get in and out.

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Sleep Number Sleep IQ technology screens.

Ultimately, the bed is a potential holistic health tool, and Sleep Number claims it can notify the sleeper of abnormalities using the bed’s AI over time by monitoring for issues such as insomnia, cardiac events, sleep apnea, and more. The beds will be sold starting in 2023.

WEB Sleep Watch by Bodymatter 1
SleepWatch by Bodymatter

Precision health technology company Bodymatter aims to use AI to improve health, wellbeing, and performance through sleep tech. SleepWatch, one of the brand’s current products, is a personalized sleep improvement program. With $3 million in series seed funding awarded in February, Bodymatter is “proud to be at the forefront of a new generation of precision health technologies with SleepWatch," Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Archdeacon said in a press release.

Consumers monitor everything from their heart rate to steps to sleep levels from their wearable tech. Now, these brands are betting on AI sleep tech for better rest, holistic health monitoring, and long-term wellness benefits.

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