Amazon: Shaping a Prime Healthcare Experience

Amazon’s entry into healthcare began with the acquisition of PillPack in 2019. From that moment on, the entire healthcare ecosystem has been on notice. What would the Amazon effect be on the disconnected, often disappointing healthcare patient experience?​

From a top line, we imagine that the introduction of Amazon Pharmacy will bring immediate value to patients and providers. With a mission of making medicine more ”shoppable,” we see a future with increased transparency and simplicity in supplying maintenance medicine. But frankly, we are choosing to cast our view farther down the line. How might Amazon continue to expand and augment service throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem? How might it bring structure and connectivity? And how might those changes impact drug manufacturers, insurers, and retailers?​

To assess this impact we have looked at Amazon’s history of disruption: its playbook. From attracting a customer base, to building scale and structure, to centralizing platforms and offering new services, Amazon has a consistent model that likely will be applied to healthcare. And for each of these steps, competitors and collaborators need to plan ahead for how they will operate in the new healthcare ecosystem.

Amazon's brand of customer centricity is already shaping customer expectations in health today.
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Amazon is uniquely positioned to improve the customer experience in health from a disjointed ecosystem to a more seamless, connected set of partners and providers.

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For those interested in learning more about the “Amazon Effect” on health care and perhaps how this disruption could have specific impacts for your brand, business, and customers, download the POV below from the Wunderman Thompson Health team for three ways to engage further with this content.

This POV was written by the Wunderman Thompson Health team - including Josiah Cope, Michael Cole, Avra Lorrimer, Mike Duke, and Lindsay Resnick.

Amazon: Shaping a Prime Healthcare Experience

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