Looking ahead to 2023, it’s clear we’re seeing the long-tail, and often unexpected implications of the combustive changes seen in 2019-22 take root in the B2B landscape. With the workplace settling into its new post-Covid pace, with its Non-linear working habits and Supercommuters. We’ve created newfound space for long held institutions of working life to be questioned. Like, do we need human or Virtual CEOs? Will we ever fully retire Rewirement and Unretirement? Does a modern office need to be as inviting as a 5 Star hotel? It’s becoming increasingly clear there is a power-shift in play, away from the clearly defined corporate 9-5 and towards something much more adaptive, and leading the charge are Generation Flex.

Many of these changes are built on a foundation of innovative technology, with the next wave focused on the New Realties of immersive technologies. Increasingly though, the emphasis is not on adoption, but what companies are choosing to do with these newfound capabilities Techessibility and Meta-inclusivity, to appeal to diverse, empowered buyers who expect companies to consider their societal responsibilities in all their actions.

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In a year of questioning, the most pressing one must be, what is the corporate responsibility for the growing climate crisis, and how much are we really able to change? There have been no more unequivocal answers than Patagonia’s designation of the Earth as a Stakeholder alongside their shareholders. With greenwashing under fire, brands are required to take meaningful action, reflected in Metaverse for Good and Sustainability in the Metaverse. But it’s not all doom and gloom, importantly this trend is founded on Climate optimism, and it’s our job to consider how we can create unrestrained, impactful, and energetic work that arms people with hope Elevated Expressionism.

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