–Square illustrated a children’s story about the birth of bitcoin, writes The Verge.

–Can AI make recruiting smarter? A new wave of startups accepts the challenge. Via Forbes.

–Nissan is redefining self-driving technology with moving slippers that park themselves outside of hotels, “ready for guests to use upon arrival.” Via Japan Times.

–Amazon is teaming up with Berkshire and JPMorgan to create a healthcare company, shares CNBC.

–CBD oil seeks to go mainstream, but will new products hold up to scrutiny? The New York Times explores.

–Yamaha has created an AI that translates dance movements into piano music, explains Engadget.

–To “entice the next generation of readers,” The New York Times is launching a monthly kids’ section, shares Co. Design.

–A new pair of biohacking headphones claims to “train your brain to improve your workouts,” writes Well + Good.

–Robomart has developed the “world’s first self-driving store,” which brings fresh groceries to your doorstep. Via Designboom.

–As silver-haired models become more common, is the fashion industry becoming more age-diverse? BBC investigates.

–Google’s new prototype transforms a web image into a 3D AR object that you can see in front of you, says The Verge.

–Coventry is the city in the UK with the highest restaurant sales, reports The Independent.

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