Limited funds are no longer a barrier to far-flung travel. Today, airlines are molding their offerings to meet the travel dreams of the millennial generation—a wise move, given that millennials are currently the cohort driving growth in the travel industry.

In the US, low-cost airline Southwest Airlines will run flights from North America to Hawaii in 2018. And in September, low-cost transatlantic flight pioneer Norwegian Airlines launched what it called “the world’s longest low-cost route,” with one-way flights on its 787 Dreamliner from London’s Gatwick airport to Singapore Changi costing just $203 (£149.90).

“The 787 Dreamliner has the range to allow us to expand our long-haul services to other parts of the world while keeping fares affordable for all,” stated Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos. “This is just the start of Norwegian’s UK expansion into new markets as we will continue connecting destinations where fares have been too high for too long.”

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In the fall of 2017, Air France launched its subsidiary Joon, described by Air France CEO Franck Terner as “a new model of airline, between a traditional and low-cost airline, a new travel experience for all customers.” Joon offers organic treats on board, in-flight streaming, and USB ports for charging. Flights from Paris to Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, and Berlin began in December 2017, with long-haul destinations Fortaleza in Brazil and Mahé in the Seychelles to be added in summer 2018. Prices start at just €249.

“We took the demands of this population of millennials, and adapted to them,” Terner stated. “But it’s not only for millennials, of course. It’s there to attract the majority of the population, but with different feeling and marketing. For example, the uniform of our cabin crew is going to be quite French, but at the same time, it will be a bit more casual than the classical uniform on Air France.”

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It’s no secret that millennials love to travel. MMGY Global’s “Portrait of American Travelers” study, released in summer 2017, found millennial families are driving growth in travel. This sector is planning to travel 36% more in 2017-2018 than in the previous year.

For a generation focused on experiences, the destination takes priority over the route. Today, the focus on the memorable aspects of travel over the functional is trickling down to become a generation-wide trend. As millennials begin to command a higher share of the economy, look for more innovative and purse-friendly solutions to global travel.

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