Next week, the electronics industry will descend on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the country’s top showcase for technology and innovation. Vendors will show off everything from new gadgets (drones, TVs) to the future of cities and transportation (smart robots, self-driving cars).

What can attendees expect from this year’s CES? And what trends will rise to the top this year? Below, the Innovation Group rounds up our top picks.

Internet of Eyes and Ears

Last year’s CES coverage called 2017 the “year of voice,” as voice recognition reached new levels of fluidity and understanding. This year, expect to see more enhanced voice and image recognition technology, allowing seamless interactions between consumer, lifestyle and retail.

Digital health

Samsung’s C-Lab launches two new healthcare products: GoBreath, a handheld recovery device for lung damage patients, and Relumino, smart glasses designed to help the visually impaired see images clearly.

Samsung's Relumino smart glasses. Image courtesy of SAMSUNG CSC

The “Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare” conference will highlight digital therapeutics, and technology’s evolving role in healthcare. “The discussions and technology on display at CES 2018 will focus on addressing real issues like chronic disease, opioid dependence and insomnia,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president at CES in a statement. “We’re excited for another year of expanded presence for digital health at CES 2018.”

Smart cars

Honda unveils its cute team of 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept, showing the company’s vision for robotics and AI that make people’s lives easier and better. The robots learn from human interaction to assist with needs as they arise, and become more “empathetic.”

Honda 3 E Robots
Honda 3E
Honda 3 E Robots

Nissan is set to reveal its predictive brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology, which interprets what the driver is about to do before the action itself takes place by syncing with the driver’s brain. The idea is to avoid disasters by boosting reaction time.

Meanwhile, CES attendees can catch a self-driving ride by requesting one from Aptiv and Lyft.

Lyft and Aptivs self driving car
Aptiv and Lyft self driving car

Beauty tech

“Beauty tech is deeply transforming the beauty industry,” says Alice Chang, CEO at Perfect Corp, in a statement. “It’s changing how the consumer experiences and explores products before they purchase, and also how brands interact and engage with customers.” The company’s YouCam Makeup app uses AR and AI to bring a close-to-reality makeover and will be showing its new features at CES this year.

A keynote on Tuesday 9 by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. will feature their latest technologies and therapies aimed to change the face of skincare.

Baby tech

Baby trackers are giving babies a head start in life this year, with companies such as Wordle and Starling that aim to improve a baby’s language and overall learning aptitude. No pressure!

Wordle baby monitor
Starling baby monitor

Last year saw innovation in maternity tech. This year, we predict more emphasis on fertility aids. Percept is designed as a non-invasive device placed under the mattress to track fertility. Eveline Smart Fertility System and Mira both track a woman’s ovulation and uses unique algorithm to determine prime ovulation dates.

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