From entertainment to sleep and wellness, tech brands are expanding the possibilities of audio to innovate the listening experience.

Disney Plus will launch an IMAX signature sound for home theaters later this year. DTS, surround sound experts, ensures consumers that the update will provide an enhanced audio and video experience for Disney Plus viewers. The IMAX Enhanced label will be exclusively available for certified devices.

EDGE Sound Research’s vibrating beats are introducing consumers to a “new sonic dimension…to help you create your sense of reality,” EDGE exhibitor Ethan Castro tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. Vibrations and heightened bass and beats come through integrated furniture, from couches to pillows and tables, to enhance the listener’s experience into something they can feel as well as hear. Applicable for events, stadiums, concerts, and more, the company aims to bring it to consumer’s doorsteps as well. Ethan Castro tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence that EDGE wants to answer the question, “how can we create environments and worlds that help us better engage with reality and what’s happening around us?” After a demo of the experience, EDGE exhibitor Vincent Zhang explains that “hearing and feeling is the combination we’re looking for to bring that next level of sensory experience.”

LG Breeze earbuds are integrating audio and health management. The earbuds monitor brainwave activity night and day. Using EEG sensors, the earbuds can track and record brainwaves and brain activity while the wearer sleeps or during the day, during which users can choose from 80 tracks of ASMR and EEG-beats to ensure truly restorative sleep based on the consumer’s brainwave activities.

Audio continues to be a focus for technology brands as they explore the power of sound for entertainment and health.

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