This year’s activations at CES reveal how brands can authentically incorporate physical concepts into the metaverse, making tech spaces and tools more accessible, immersive, and engaging for consumers and pointing to a future of liminal experiences.

OVR Technology is launching ION 3 at CES: “the first personal, wearable scent technology optimized for VR, AR, mobile, and desktop enhance immersion.” Their best-in-class digital scent wearable will enhance virtual interactions and consumers’ digital experiences by synchronizing thousands of scents with VR and AR visuals on mobile or desktop devices using Bluetooth technology. OVR is also launching a scent-creation tool for creators and developers to use and invent their own scent content.

Samsung is introducing medical checkups to living rooms everywhere. TV viewers can connect with a built-in Samsung Telemedicine app to speak with a health-care professional in minutes. Virtual patients can then schedule follow up appointments, fill prescriptions, or use a Health Monitor app to assess their vital signs themselves.

Healium, a mental fitness tool, is presenting its Sleepium tool: an immersive but non-invasive solution to help consumers manage their sleep and stress. The app is compatible with mainstream VR headsets and their AR app is available on Google Play and Apple App stores. Kyle Perry, a cinematographer for Healium representing the brand at their activation, tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence that “the bread and butter of Healium is to reduce anxiety and stress wherever it is present: in the workplace, at home, and in between when you’re on the go.”

From entertainment to health and wellness, the humanization of technical activations this year indicate a future metaverse that better overlaps with and compliments consumers’ physical lives and needs.

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