The next iteration of interfaces untethered is human-centric assistance using artificial intelligence. Several brands at CES 2023 are showcasing the way AI data can predict consumer needs at home, in the car, even while we sleep, to better assess and assist with intuitive technology at all times of the day.

ASLEEP Sleeptrack AI is the self-proclaimed world’s only breathing sound-based sleep AI system. Easily integrated into products consumers may already have in the bedroom, such as a smart TV, a smart phone mobile app, and smart lights and speakers, ASLEEP monitors sleep and will adjust room settings throughout the night depending on a consumer’s breaths and movements. ASLEEP provides a personalized sleeping report based on the consumer’s sleeping pattern when a connected smartphone is placed at the consumer’s bedside overnight. A Smart TV connection will automatically turn off the TV when the owner falls asleep, and can also provide sleep-inducing content after analyzing the time it takes the user to fall asleep. Connecting ASLEEP to smart lights and speakers will allow it to adjust lighting and soothing alarms for a smoother wake-up.

Two images spliced together. Top: digitally rendered person resting on a pillow, view from top of head. Bottom: man resting on a pillow with dark hair, view from top of head.
Nose Metal. Courtesy of YouTube.

A smart motion pillow by Nose Metal can improve every night's rest. The pillow detects snoring sounds from the user, senses their head position, and readjusts using inflatable airbags to open the sleeper’s airway, reduce snoring, and improve the consumer’s sleep. This non-invasive product uses an AI learning system to adapt and routinely adjust to the user’s snoring patterns, which can all be analyzed using an app that connects regular sleep data. The smart motion pillow is a CES 2023, 2022, and 2020 Innovation Award Honoree.

Nanoleaf’s smart lights learn when to switch on and off as consumers need them. Nanoleaf announced the Sense Plus Smart Light Switch and Sense Plus Smart Wireless Light Switch at CES this week. Using built-in motion and ambient light sensors and Nanoleaf’s Nala Learning Bridge, the system adapts to homeowner’s lighting and household routines to intuitively turn lights on and off throughout the house, day and night.

Smart home-tech is honing in on human-centered needs, not only adjusting to consumer lifestyles but bettering and easing their days and nights.

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