ChatGPT: Not shying away from the technology

ChatGPT is the latest natural-language artificial intelligence (AI) experiment from OpenAI. The technology generates content in response to conversational prompts from the end-user.

It’s the time for marketing and data pros to become familiar with what generative AI technology can do.

With its potential to automating many writing, data and coding tasks, technologies like ChatGPT could be transformational for our industry. Imagining new ways for brands and customers to interact is a big part of what we do. If we have access to technology that would have seemed like magic five years ago, and if we understand it, we can create enormous value with it. If AI helps us to finish work faster, without compromise to quality why not use it with pride?

Chat GPT can serve as a valuable tool to help creative marketers and strategists generate new ideas quickly. Why waste insightful, creative human brains on boring repetitive tasks an automated system can do faster and better?

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