Skincare technology isn’t resting on the benefits of nighttime routines: some brands are using the skin’s natural circadian rhythm to influence and inspire their product formulations, giving a scientific new meaning to the phrase “beauty sleep.”

Science-based skincare brand Noble Panacea created a product that releases ingredients according to the user’s overnight circadian rhythm. Launched in February, the Chronobiology Sleep Mask “precisely delivers active ingredients into skin in a pre-programmed sequence synchronized with skin's natural circadian rhythm,” as explained in a press release. Three stages of activation occur throughout the night: during the “detox” stage from 11 pm to 4 am, the sleep mask releases PHA and Pre, Pro and Post Biotics; the mask then delivers retinol and peptides during the “repair” stage; and finally, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are released during the “nourish” stage, when skin is at its maximum absorption.

WEB Noble Panacea Global Brand Ambassador Jodie Comer and The Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask
Noble Panacea Global Brand Ambassador Jodie Comer and The Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask.

4AM skincare released a new set of minimalistic serums that claim to maintain the skin’s natural circadian rhythm. Using an extract from the plant Lespedeza Capitata, the serum formulations combat the harmful effects that blue light from screen usage and lack of sleep have on the natural cycle that occurs in the skin each night. The serums launched in July 2021, and was available for purchase starting in October.

La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil was formulated to work with the body’s circadian rhythm in order to reduce typical signs of aging in the skin. Launched in October 2021, the oil acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss during the skin’s nightly repair and defense system cycle, while also locking in any beneficial active ingredients put on the skin before the oil, enhancing their effects.

Mutha coined the term “circadian dermablend” referring to the brand’s luxurious cream designed to compliment the body’s circadian rhythm each night. The self-coined term refers to beauty brand Mutha’s Cream Extreme, which launched in June 2021. A formulation of botanicals to repair and stimulate the skin as it heals from daily aggravators leaves consumers with smooth, rejuvenated skin after a night’s sleep.

Natural beauty meets science-backed formulations in this new wave of skincare-while-you-snooze. These circadian-based formulations reflect a continuation of the holistic, integrative approach to skincare as part of one’s overall health and wellbeing.

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