Creating stronger customer loyalty

Customers are getting harder to satisfy – and tougher to keep. Over the years, consumer power has increased, and loyalty diminished. The average customer retention rate for more than half of all industries is below 50%, and two-thirds of customers are open to switching brands if a competitor offers a better experience.

Today we can say that loyalty is much more than it used to be, it goes beyond coupons and saving points. To retain consumers, brands must maximize retention. No matter the stage your company is in, investing in your loyalty strategy is key to win.

Introducing the Customer Loyalty Guide. This step-by-step guide will help brands achieving greater customer loyalty with initiatives that satisfy customers and align to their brand goals. Read this paper and get to know:

  • How loyalty initiatives can be a powerful tool to offer customers the experiences they crave
  • How to set up our loyalty kpi's to make sure you track the right outcome of your program
  • What loyalty approaches brands should take to address different customer needs
  • How brands can trigger the desired customer behaviour with the benefits they offer
  • How to implement a loyalty program with limited budget

Today’s loyalty activities are a far cry from when they started years ago with the ‘buy 9, get the 10th free’ coffee stamp-cards. They are now about more than just free products and discounts, but emotional engagement and bonding.

Loyalty KPIs connect business goals, customer needs, and your desired customer behaviour to frame the loyalty programme, enabling you to measure your success and help keep loyalty initiatives on track

Ditti Stijger-Bacsa

Sr. Business Consultant, Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology

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Loyalty Series

Introducing the loyalty KPIs, the 4 main loyalty approaches, and maturity scans.

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Loyalty Series

Building your loyalty program: How to identify your loyal customers.

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Loyalty Series

A deep dive into the technology element of the loyalty framework.

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