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Challenger banks are transforming consumer expectations when it comes to frictionless applications for new accounts and services. What can the establishment do to catch up?

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James is frustrated! He’s a young, recently married professional trying to take out health and life insurance policies for his new family. After extensive research on the web he chooses a provider that appears to offer great customer service, with simple-to-understand policies. So far, so good.

He can’t apply online and instead receives an email that requires him to complete and sign 5 individual documents. In doing so, he had to provide his full name and address 5 times, and his family, dependency and contact details 3 times. Furthermore, he had to complete 2 separate health questionnaires that were virtually mirror copies.

Sound familiar?

Yet how can this be the case when the very same organisation can seamlessly identify when James has been searching for health insurance via Google? And has no problem subsequently targeting him with associated advertising when he opens his Instagram feed?

Behind the scenes, there is a seamless integration of marketing and data systems that enable this real-time targeting. So why does the seamless experience break just at the point that James is trying to seal the deal?

How we can help

Consider how those marketing and data systems have transformed James’ experience so far, enabling him to search for and find exactly what he wants. A centralised platform that handles all data capture, generates documents of record, captures electronic signatures where required and transmits that data to the systems that need it, has the potential to do the same for this incredibly important and pivotal stage of the customer journey.

We have developed a 5-stage approach to transforming digital data capture. To learn more, we are offering FREE access to an industry leading expert, book your Data Capture Assessment now.

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