–Kroger hopes to be the first US grocer to use driverless cars to delivery groceries, reports Bloomberg.

–Anthropologie is moving into wellness, with a new luxury section that sells aromatherapy necklaces and charcoal toothpaste, writes Racked.

–The FDA has approved the first CBD prescription medication, marking a crucial step in the study of cannabis and CBD effects on humans. Via Well + Good.

–HSBC is making banking fun with the introduction of humanoid robots. CNBC reports that the bots can dance and take selfies, but will also educate consumers on different products and services.

–Introducing Instagram Lite, a smaller, stripped down version of the app intended to be more efficient for users in developing markets. Via USA Today.

–A new museum in Croatia explores how we experience romance by displaying items from broken relationships, reports BBC.

–Fast fashion meets reality TV: Missguided and Love Island have partnered on a platform which allows viewers to directly shop items worn on the show, reports The Guardian.

–Venmo moves from the digital to the physical realm with the announcement of their own physical debit card, says Fast Company.

–Travel site Black Tomato has introduced a panic button on their site, announces Conde Nast Traveler, which will book and plan an entire trip in just 24 hours.

–The Google Home can now speak Spanish, the first of 22 languages to be introduced by the end of 2018, shares Fortune.

Communicate investigates how auto brands in the Middle East are embracing the historic introduction of female drivers in the Saudi market.

–AI could create beauty products tailored to your schedule and climate, with Seymourpowell’s new intelligent cosmetics concept, explains Dezeen.

–CCTV in Japan is using machine learning to cut down on shoplifting and identify suspicious behavior, describes The Next Web.

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