–Welcome to the Drone Racing League, ESPN’s newest and most technologically advanced sport. Via the New York Times.

–Ikea Forever: How the furniture giant managed to elevate its design sensibilities and earn a place in pop culture, without raising prices, writes the New York Times.

–The NFL will begin streaming games on Twitter this week, marking a shift for the social network from second-screen to first-screen. Via Wired.

–Riders hailing an Uber in Pittsburgh this week may flag down one of the company’s self-driving cars, which are now being tested on the road. Via the MIT Technology Review.

Digiday explores why beauty and technology brands are tapping young Muslim celebrities and vloggers.

–New York’s Hudson Yards will be the site of the city’s newest public landmark: a lattice made from 154 sets of interconnecting staircases, Designboom writes.

–This fall’s New York Fashion Week shows featured a series of unusual branded partnerships, from Minions to White Castle and PornHub. Via Complex.

–Is this drive-through salad chain the future of healthy eating? Fast Company investigates.

–In China, fewer people are getting married, leading businesses to shift their messaging towards China’s urban singles, the New York Times writes.

–Museums are trying to broaden their appeal with a slew of amenities like restaurants, yoga classes, daycare, concerts and more. Via the Observer.

–A Sainsbury’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is the first to trial “Slow Shopping,” geared exclusively toward elderly shoppers and those with disabilities. Via the BBC.

–Myanmar’s rapid growth makes it an attractive prospect for luxury brands, which are slowly trickling into the market. Via the New York Times.

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