Emotional health is an important component of mental health. According to the CDC, “mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.” Now, brands and organizations are pioneering emotional health practices within their own communities, lending space for better practices, support and acceptance.

Sony Music Publishing is promoting emotional health with a free counseling and wellness program for its songwriters this year. Songwriter Assistance is a new service that the brand’s songwriters and composers can access for confidential counseling and wider resources. Chairman and CEO Jon Platt said, “The importance of wellness cannot be overstated, and with Songwriter Assistance, we look forward to offering a whole new level of care and support.” The program, which starts February 1st, will include 24/7 hotlines, emotional health services, and assistance services for lifestyle stresses such as life transitions, co-parenting, long-term budgeting tactics, and more.

WEB Apple Heart health update Books
Apple Heart health update, Apple Books.

Starting in February, Apple is rolling out a holistic “Heart Month” series of resources across its apps and services. Apple Books is promoting a series of titles that not only focus on physical heart health, but emotional wellbeing and mindfulness. Apple is expanding on its focus on mental health from last year, when it was reportedly developing technology to diagnose depression and cognitive decline using sensor data including physical activity, general mobility, and sleep patterns.

These advancements follow smart emotional tracking devices that have been released in recent years. Fitbit’s Charge 5 device from 2021 monitors its wearer’s stress and holistic health via a “Readiness score” from which users can assess their recovery needs, and Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker, released in 2020, monitors the wearer’s tone of voice.

Emotional health spaces are opening in public places as well. In October 2021, the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City opened the Mandala Lab, a cultural healing space reserved for visitors to explore, address, and transform their emotions. Executive director Jorrit Britschgi said the space, built on Buddhist principles, was designed to “empower us to face today’s challenges: to widen our imagination, understand and manage our emotions, enrich our capacity for empathy, and connect with others.”

Expect to see more comprehensive frameworks for monitoring and managing emotional health continue to emerge.

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