–Dutch fashion label Schueller de Waal explores fashion as therapy, presenting a wellness center with massages and a hypnotherapy film in place of a new collection during Paris Fashion Week, i-D reports.

–IBM and Symrise are leveraging artificial intelligence to create customized perfumes, integrating millions of data points relating to taste preferences, demographics and consumer personality. Via Glossy.

–Montreal physicians are prescribing art museum visits “to help address both the physical and mental ailments of their patients,” BBC shares.

–To survive the apocalypse, just add lichen; a range of food products has been developed using the resilient and nutritious plant, which can grow in harsh climates, Dezeen writes.

–The band Massive Attack has remastered one of their albums as a can of spray paint, with each can containing “one million copies of the album, encoded as DNA and embedded within the matte black paint,Dazed reveals.

BBC explores how Gen Z social media behaviors and preferences are shifting, with Instagram overtaking Snapchat among US teens.

Amazon is partnering with Qualcomm to create Alexa-enable headphones, says Fortune.

–Everlane is launching a clothing line made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and has pledged to eliminate all virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2021, making them the latest brand to jump on the plastic-free bandwagon, shares WWD .

Digiday discusses the implications of visual search technologies on retail.

–New augmented reality glasses use holographic displays to project smart phone notifications, in hopes of discouraging users from reaching for their phone, Vox reveals.

–This line of furniture is created using coffee grounds, Dezeen shares.

–Uber hopes to reduce carbon emissions by going all-electric in London by 2025, Fast Company shares.

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